Administrative Code Sections 3.20 and 3.21

SEC 3.20. Capital Expenditure Plan

By March 1 of each odd-numbered year, beginning with March 1, 2013, the City Administrator shall submit to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors a ten-year capital expenditure plan which shall include an assessment of the City’s capital infrastructure needs, investments required to meet the needs identified through this assessment, and a plan of finance to fund these investments. By May 1 of the same year, the Mayor and Board of Supervisors shall review, update, amend, and adopt by resolution the ten-year capital expenditure plan. The Mayor and Board of Supervisors may update the plan as necessary and appropriate to reflect the City’s priorities, resources, and requirements.

The capital expenditure plan shall include all recommended capital project investments for each year of the plan. The plan shall incorporate all major planned investments to maintain, repair, and improve the condition of the City’s capital assets, including but not limited to city streets, sidewalks, parks, and rights-of-way; public transit infrastructure; airport and port; water, sewer, and power utilities; and all City-owned facilities.

The capital expenditure plan shall include a plan of finance for all recommended investments, including proposed uses of General and Enterprise Funds to be spent to meet these requirements. Additionally, the plan shall recommend the use and timing of long-term debt to fund planned capital expenditures, including General Obligation bond measures.

The capital expenditure plan shall include a summary of operating costs and impacts on City operations that are projected to result from capital investments recommended in the plan. This operations review shall include expected changes in the cost and quality of City service delivery.
The plan shall also include a summary and description of projects deferred from the ten-year capital expenditure plan given non-availability of funding necessary to meet assessed capital needs. (Added by Ord. 216-05, File No. 050920, App. 8/19/2005; amended by Ord. 40-06, File No. 060078, App. 3/10/2006; Ord. 222-11, File No. 111001, App. 11/15/2011, Eff. 12/15/2011) (Former Sec. 3.20 added by Ord. 223-97, App. 6/6/97; amended by Ord. 55-98, App. 2/20/98; repealed by Ord. 216-05)

SEC. 3.21. Capital Planning Committee

There is hereby created a Capital Planning Committee consisting of the City Administrator as chair, the President of the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor’s Finance Director, the Controller, the City Planning Director, the Director of Public Works, the Airport Director, the Executive Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency, the General Manager of the Public Utilities System, the General Manager of the Recreation and Parks Department, and the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco. Each member of the Capital Planning Committee may designate a person to represent her or him as a voting member of the Committee. Such designations shall be in written documents signed by the designating member and filed with the City Administrator, or her or his designee.

The mission of the Capital Planning Committee is to review the proposed capital expenditure plan and to monitor the City’s ongoing compliance with the final adopted capital plan. As such, the Capital Planning Committee shall (1) establish prioritization and assessment criteria to assist the City Administrator with the development of the capital expenditure plan, (2) annually review the City Administrator’s proposed capital expenditure plan prior to its submission to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, and (3) review the annual budget and any proposed use of long-term debt, including General Obligation bonds, to ensure compliance with the adopted capital expenditure plan.

The Board of Supervisors shall not place on the ballot, or authorize the issuance of any long term financing, until the Capital Planning Committee completes a review of the proposal and submits its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. Each proposal shall be in form and substance satisfactory to the Committee, and shall be accompanied by descriptive financial, architectural, and/or engineering data, and all other pertinent material in sufficiently complete detail to permit the Committee to review all aspects of the proposal. The Committee shall submit a written report to the Mayor and the Board analyzing the feasibility, cost, and priority of each proposal relative to the City’s capital expenditure plan.
The Chair of the Capital Planning Committee is hereby authorized to adopt such rules, definitions, and procedures as are necessary to meet the requirements described in Section 3.20 and 3.21. (Added by Ord. 216-05, File No. 050920, App. 8/19/2005) (Former Sec. 3.21 added by Ord. 223-97, App. 6/6/97; repealed
by Ord. 216-05)


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