13. Transportation

Renewal Program

As all of the agencies covered in the Transportation chapter are either enterprise departments or external agencies, there are no General Fund expenditures expected for renewals. SFMTA, SFO, and Caltrain each has its own state of good repair and other various renewal programs, which are described by the agencies here.

SFMTA – Renewals

The SFMTA currently has approximately $15 billion worth of capital assets, including bike routes and lanes, traffic signals, subway infrastructure, stations, maintenance and operations facilities, taxi facilities, fixed guideway track, overhead wires, and parking garages. SFMTA has been tracking its capital planning efforts through its Asset Management Program, ensuring that current assets receive needed maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. This effort is detailed in the SFMTA 2019 Transit Asset Management Plan. The SFMTA is also focusing on the renewal and modernization of its yards and facilities in its Building Progress Program.

SFO – Renewals

Passenger traffic has declined significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent restrictions on air travel.  However, the Airport remains an essential facility and as passengers continue to utilize the Airport, the facilities that support passenger travel must be maintained to high safety standards. The Airport considers renewals to be general repair and replacement of building systems and fixtures, such as a roof repair, that do not enhance the value or change the use of an asset. These projects typically have a small scope and are completed in less than a year. These projects are usually funded through the Airport’s annual operating budget, unlike capital improvements which are often multi-year projects financed with capital funds.

The cost of SFO’s renewal program is approximately $178.3 million through FY2031.

Caltrain – Renewals

Pursuant to the Joint Powers Agreement, each member of the Joint Powers Board is responsible for contributing a one-third share towards Caltrain’s local match for its capital projects that are designed to maintain Caltrain assets in a state of good repair. Examples of these projects include replacement of track, bridges, and various civil structures; rail vehicle overhaul and major component replacement; station rehabilitation; and signal and communication systems rehabilitation. Current projects in the City of San Francisco include the rehabilitation/replacement of the Marin Avenue and Napoleon Avenue rail bridges. Construction on this project is anticipated to be complete in late 2021.

The cost of Caltrain’s state of good repair program is estimated at $651.8 million through FY2031.

BART – Renewals

In November 2016, voters approved Measure RR which authorized BART to issue $3.5 billion in G.O. Bonds to fund projects throughout its system. The Bond was put to the voters in three counties: San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa. Its projects include replacement of 90 miles of track, renewal of mechanical infrastructure, repair of tunnels and stations, and many other initiatives that will modernize the BART system. The result of the Bond’s program will be shorter wait times, fewer delays, and more comfortable rides for passengers.

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